Starfish Headband- Emerald Green

RM 35.00

The little Bows and Blings to make her outfit extra special...


Gros grain ribbon bow with starfish embellishment

Soft stretchable velvet band measuring 16 inches

Recommended for babies up to 9 months


About Bows and Blings

Bows & Blings headbands are specially hand crafted piece goods for all the lovely kids (fur kids too!) and mothers who wants something different, unique and custom made to their acquired taste. Every single headband is painstakingly and meticulously sewn by hand.


To preserve the shape and appearance of our garments, we recommend to gently handwash them on reverse in cool water using mild detergent. Kindly refrain from washing dark coloured garments with clothing of lighter colour to prevent any colour transfer.

All our garments should be turned inside out before being hand dried. Kindly refrain from drying under direct sunlight to prevent colour or print from fading.

We advise to turn our garments inside out before ironing at low to medium heat. Delicate garments made of chiffon, silk, satin, tulle or other thin or sheer material are to be steam ironed or ironed with a piece of cloth between iron and garment.

All graphic prints should be ironed with a piece of cloth between iron and print.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that BBLUVSME.COM will not take responsibility for any shrinkage, colour transfer, colour fading or iron scorch marks if care instructions are not properly adhered to.

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